when I dare to be powerful,
to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.
— audre lorde

five elements reiki 

with Kelli Rubin

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Is there an area in your professional life that could use a spark of energy? Do you have audacious goals that remain juuuust out of reach?

Develop the tools to steer out of inertia and access renewed power, increased drive, and deep connection to inner strength.

The more we struggle and fight against our intuitive process, the more steeped in quicksand we become, encountering the same blocks, the same frustrations, and the same confusion time and time again.

Once we learn to surrender a bit, we start creating the space for life and adventure to flow naturally to us.

Reiki is a cooperative meditative technique used for stress reduction, increased focus, and overall wellbeing.

To find the treasures we seek, we must go within. There is no other way, and there are no shortcuts.

about the practice

During a session, you'll experience the spark of Reiki, and learn simple, yet powerful meditation practices and exercises based in the Taoist tradition to help you deeply connect with yourself. You'll learn to design irresistible rituals for yourself—at home or at the office—that will help you navigate your inner landscape... and that you'll keep returning to, day after day. 

With this new magical toolbox, and greater ability to deeply experience a state of mindfulness, you'll be able to move past stuckness and into a state of thriving beyond your wildest dreams.

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